Aquatic Research Facility

University of Oklahoma

Sleepy mood at ARF

January and February might be the most quiet months at the ARF. But the sleepiness is deceiving. Behind the scenes the users are gearing up for the Spring and Summer.

Sunset at the ARF

Bitter cold days at the ARF

A major cold period has slowed down things at the ARF. Not even the birds are out and about. Only the fish are lucky and stay warm in GH 4.

Fall is coming….

The weather is still very warm, and we still have experiments running outside. The Schlupp lab moves a number of species and populations into large tanks outside. Now is the time to move these fishes back into the greenhouse #3 where they will overwinter.

New publication out

Elizabeth Hardy from the Schlupp lab just published a paper on Green Swordtails. It is now available online here. This was the centerpiece of her Masters Degree work, and also a great collaborative effort with Lloyd Bumm from our Physics Department. Her work relied heavily on stocks maintained at the ARF.

OU Aquatic Research Facility

The Aquatic Research Facility is a premier Research Facility located on the campus of the University of Oklahoma. It is used for Research, Teaching, and Outreach.